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01 What type of event is your trackless train suited for?

Our train can be used for festivals, birthday parties, corporate events, company picnics, business promotions, holiday celebrations, grand openings or any occasion where you would like to provide unique family entertainment.


02 What age group does your train appeal to?


Kids of all ages love our train.  At festivals we have about as many adults ride as we do kids.  Most of our birthday parties are done for kid’s ages 1 to 10 years old.


03 Can adults ride the train?

Yes!  Our train is larger than most others and seats adults comfortably.  At most events we have as many adults ride as kids.  We have had 80 and 98 year old couples ride our train and enjoy it as much, as our youngest riders.  Our motto is “You’re Never Too Old To Ride kiddo’s chu chu Train”!!


04 How many people can the train carry at one time?

We have a Maximum capacity of 28 passengers.  The actual number will depend on the size of the passengers.


05 Is there an age limit for the train?  Can my one-year-old ride?

Anyone can ride our train We have had riders as young as a couple of weeks old and as old as 98 years young.  We ask that a parent or older sibling accompany young children. Just Common sense is your best guide when deciding if a rider is appropriate.


06 We have a nearby park.  Can you operate the train in a park?

Neighborhood parks are great places to have a train ride party.  You will need to check with your city recreation department to see if it is OK.  Most city parks require a fee and proof of insurance to use them.  If you plan to use a park, please contact them with the information before hiring us.  We will help you work out the details.


07 Do you have insurance?

YES.  We carry a $2,000,000 insurance policy.


08 Where can you operate your train?

We can operate on Pavement, Concrete, Grass and hard surfaces or gravel. The train is environmental friendly (electric engine) which allows it to be used indoors or outdoor . The train is NOT able to operate on hills or stiff slumps or timber  


09 Do you charge extra for travel time or mileage?

There is a $1 a mile (each way) fee added to all rentals for delivery of the train.  The address used to calculate this is 1010 Metro Center Boulevard Foster City, CA 94404 (Google Maps is our method of calculating this fee.)


10 Will you travel long distances or out of state?

Yes.  For all day events like festivals, we will often travel out of state.


11 Where are you located?

We’re located in Foster City CA, 94404 


12 What if it rains or I need to cancel?

We understand that unexpected situations come up, these could be changing your date, time, location, etc. We will work with you in accommodating these requests, as customer satisfaction is also our main priority. If unfortunately for some reason the event must be cancelled, we must be advised in writing at least (7) days prior to the event date, and any security deposit will be fully refunded. If the 7 day policy is not met, any security deposit will be forfeited. Please be advised that the ONLY exception on our cancellation policy is weather permitting (Rain), which affect the operations of the Kiddo’s Chu Chu train.


13 What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, check , PayPal or credit card.


14 Any other questions?

Please call or email us with any other questions.  We will be glad to help you in anyway possible. (650) 557- 8030 or

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